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Crypto Tax Calculator

“Working out your taxes is never fun, but spare a thought for crypto traders. With a plethora of decentralised exchanges and the explosion in popularity of decentralised finance products, it has never been harder to figure out how much tax is owed. Enter CryptoTaxCalculator, with accounting software that can integrate with over 600 crypto exchanges and products to quickly get affairs in order.

CryptoTaxCalculator does not face much competition in the sector: centralised exchanges like Binance or Coinbase offer tax information to traders on their platforms, but users on multiple platforms or decentralised exchanges are on their own. As these gain in popularity, so has CryptoTaxCalculator’s takeup – it experienced 1,700% growth in 2021 and now has over 80,000 clients, mostly in the Australian and US markets.

CryptoTaxCalculator has completed funding rounds which will be used to further expand the business in the US market. It is continuing to hire talent to support its growth and to maintain its high levels of customer service in the face of shifting regulations in the crypto and decentralised finance sector.”

This is an example of a “take” I write for Otta. After researching a company I write a few short and informative paragraphs of text which are displayed on Otta’s job search under the name of one of Otta’s senior managers. This particular one attracted 550 applicants to a single job in March 2023!

The take as it appears on Otta's website

The take as it appears on the Otta company profile

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