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Most recent episode: 24 Feb, 2023

S5 14: Attractiveness

Hey you with the pretty face . how do you sleep at night? Music by Baby Shakes. Aired 24 February 2023

Seasons: 1 2 3 4 5

The Sammycast ran 29 fun-filled episodes over 4 seasons from April to December 2020. And then from October 2022 to… ?

S1 E1: Lapis Lazuli

An important discussion about Steven Universe. Music by Black Elf Speaks.
First aired 27 April 2020

S1 E2: Exercise

Let’s work our butts off! Music by Apache Tomcat. First aired 28 April 2020

S1 E3: Dreams

What do you dream about?
Music by Square People. First aired 29 April 2020

S1 E4: Posts

Let’s post well together!
Music by XTaKeRuX. First aired 30 April 2020

S1 E5: Gender

What even is a Sammycast.
Music by Tiny Folk. First aired 2 May 2020

S1 E6: Star Wars

May the Force be with you! Music by Meydän. First aired 4 May 2020

S1 E7: Japan

Let’s go to Japan! Music by Stickfigure. First aired 6 May 2020

S1 E8: Drawing

Sammy teaches you all about her artistic process. Music by Jesse Spillane. First aired 9 May 2020

S1 E9: Friends

I’ll be there for you. Music by Uncan. First aired 13 May 2020

S1 E10: Conspiracy

The episode They don’t want you to listen to. Music by The Fucked Up Beat. First aired 16 May 2020

S1 E11: Change

This one’s… different. Music by Black Math. First aired 20 May 2020

S1 E12: An End

Season finale! Music by Soulbringer. First aired 22 May 2020

S2 E1: Space, Man

It’s back and bigger than ever! Music by Steve Combs and Delta Is. First aired 2 June 2020

S2 E2: Bugs

The show gets its first guest! Music by Visager. First aired 4 June 2020

S2 E3: Nothing

Even I’m not sure what this one is about. Music by ROZKOL. First aired 6 June 2020

S2 E4: Anniversaries

I guess they’re a big deal for some people? Music by Howie Mitchell. First aired 12 June 2020

S2 E5: Relaxation

Sammy’s tips for chilling out. Music by Jahzzar. First aired 14 June 2020

S2 E6: Colour

Sammy learns about color. Music by Lamprey. First aired 2 July 2020

S2 E7: Love

What is love. Don’t listen to this one. Music by Schemawound. First aired 7 July 2020

S2 E8: Ooblets

Sammy livecasts cute video game, Ooblets! Music by Lovera. First aired 18 July 2020

S2 E9: Sleep

Go to bed! Music by Mise Darling. First aired 26 July 2020

S3 E1: Online Safety

Stay safe online. Music by Quiet Music for Tiny Robots. First aired 21 August 2020

S3 E2: SammyCast

A guest appears for this slightly confusing SammyCast!. Music by Sans Nom. First aired 23 August 2020

S3 E3: Nothing II

It really is a SammyCast about nothing. Music by Kai Engel. First aired 23 August 2020

S3 E4: l8r

I’ve run out of things to say, so, bye? Music by Steve Combs. First aired 28 September 2020

S4 E1: friends

and its back! Music by Hank. First aired 1 November 2020

S4 E2: podcasting

Do you want to podcast? Here’s how. Music by Drums Like Machine Guns. First aired 8 November 2020

S4 E3: fucking

Find out what Sammy knows about fuckin’. Music by Hot Buns and Tea. First aired 16 November 2020

S4 E4:

Music by Jahzzar. First aired 18 November 2020

S4 E5: Byeee

it was ok this time. Music by Tardiss. Aired 10 December.

S5 E1: Sammy

Who is Sammy anyway? Music by The Pink Tiles. Aired 19 October 2022

S5 E2: Sammycast

Everything you need to know about the SammyCast! Music by boooooooty and jacket jacket. Aired 20 October 2022

S5 E3: The Way of the Samurai

Sammy’s hints and tips to follow the Way of the Samurai! Music by HoliznaCC0. Aired 22 October 2022

S5 E4: Patreon

This one is thanking patreon backers. I thought it was appropriate coz I haven’t ever said thanks for much. Music by ROZKOL . Aired 22 October 2022

S5 E5: Pokémon

A special guest appears to give you all the Pokemon hints and tips! Music by Quiet Hooves. Aired 24 October 2022

S5 E6: Halloween Special

Sammy has proof of paranormal activity. Music by The Enablers. Aired 31 October 2022

S5 E7: Birthday Girl

Happy birthday to you (if you are Sammy). Music by The Elastro Brothers and Harpoon Forever . Aired 4 November 2022

S5 E8: Paranoia

Is everyone really against you? Music by The Night Birds. Aired 5 November 2022

S5 E9: Unscripted

This one is unscripted. Anything could happen (it doesn’t). Music by New Mortal Gods. Aired 12 November 2022

S5 E10: The Past

There’s something a bit off about this one. Music by PC Noise & Pedicure Records. Aired 5 December 2022

S5 E11: Memories

Sammy looks back on over two years of precious SammyCast memories . Music by Nick Otheen. Aired 6 December 2022

S5 E12: Masturbation

Sammy makes some astute observations about jerking off. Music by Streets Beggars. Aired 25 January 2023

S5 E13: Dreams

I guess this makes Season 5 the longest? Sammy rambles about foxes or something . Music by Pataphysics. Aired 9 February 2023

S5 14: Attractiveness

Hey you with the pretty face . how do you sleep at night? Music by Baby Shakes. Aired 24 February 2023

S5 E15: ???

It’s still hidden in chaos. Airing sometime in March! Stay tuned!


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